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The March 2014 Style Vibe to Perfection

Style in style -Sweet clothes for March

The Shirt: Fitted plaid in medium nice shades of grey and blue. Notice the top button is buttoned, the bottom loose and flowing, see the detail on the button down collar, And the fit is not too skinny and for sure not to oversized at all. Quite a perfect fit, colors on spot and worn with style and flair. Also, shirt is untucked below the jacket, one of my favs to rock at a Sunday Brunch.   Looks like it could be Rag & Bone or McNairy. I would guess $200 or more. Don’t know for sure, but quality, fit and style make me think it’s from a pretty posh brand.

The Pants: A perfect shade of black with just enough drop to be modern, yet not overly done to become parachute pants. Nicely tapered down the leg. Once again, not…

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Clothing Tidal Current matching



The spring has come then it is a good time for denim guys, the trend for this season I believe we still can play the denim-on-denim card. And one rule by doing so that needs to remember is that don’t put two identical shades of fabric next to each other. The safest and easiest way to do so: black jeans + light denim shirt + white version of Vans = city-smart looks.Plus, what makes your look in a more vintage way, then wearing a pair of glasses with slim arms and neat round frames could bring a touch a of mid-century style to your contemporary repertoire.

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