Spring Accessories: Neckerchiefs

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Spring Accessories: Neckerchiefs

Have you ever thought to yourself “Gosh, aren’t scarves just the best? but I feel like a sissy wearing one! What ever can a boy like me do?” Well ponder no longer, neckerchiefs are your perfect springtime silken accessory to add a little fashion flair to you flapping, partially-unbuttoned chambray shirts. They’re simple to style, and easy to turn your back on too. If you get self conscious, just stuff it in your pocket (or underwear) and nobody will notice (or hopefully someone will). I kid. I do not condone crotch stuffing, it’s deceitful, and let’s face it, the truth is bound to come out. Anyways, neckerchiefs give you so many fabulous options for prints and materials, from cotton to silk to silk-cashmere, or whatever else you can find. They can be the perfect alternative use for a bright pocket square, and the ultimate cheap-as-dirt thrift store find. So tie…

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