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We already know that florals is a massive trend for the ladies, what says summer more than a field filled with flowers? But for guys, well, florals are little bit more tricky. ‘But florals are all over the catwalk for guys’, I hear you cry, don’t fret, this trend is a really simple way of bringing your wardrobe into S/S14. Hey, if Pharrell can rock florals with a Tux, what excuse do you have?

There are three ways to wear the floral trend and the way I see it they range from safe to risky to dare devil.

1. Safe
The safe option for experimenting with florals is to invest in a shirt. On first glance this may look a bit Hawaii, but don’ worry, teamed with smart city shorts in a neutral earthy shade and a floral shirt will instantly update your office look and take you straight from office…

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latest Trend! (poker-dots for men)

Fashion Lyrics

Simple, classy and refined. If thats the look you are looking for then poker-dots are the way forward. keep it simple and throw in a pair of bright coloured trousers, and avoid loud accessories. Rock this trend to  parties, hangouts or outings and steal the spot-light from entry to exist. Here are some poker-dots looks to guide you and help you ROCK, poker-dot

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Trend Alert: Bright Pants!

Hag Mag

Trend Alert: Bright Pants!

Have you ever gone out in a tight pair of pants and asked yourself “How can I draw more attention to my bottom half?” Well here is your answer: Bright Pants. Bright pants are perfect for any spring or summer day when you want to step out into the city and make people say “wow.” I personally have had many experiences with people shouting compliments from across the street, or even out of car windows as I strutted around in my pink, yellow, green, orange or red pants (and oddly I don’t think they were being facetious). But really, bright pants can be a great thing. They offset a simple pair of brogues nicely, and make it alright for you to wear more neutral tones on top. Let’s face it, dark pants with a bright top is so 2002. Nobody wants to look like some gaudy Italian who is stuck…

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Latest Articles for La Vida Magazine |Identityinfashion


Hi Guys,

I was going to upload a video tonight on my little (ANOTHER) beauty haul I went on today mainly for face products which I am so excited to tell you about but I will leave that for tomorrow so make sure you watch my video + my ootd on my Youtube channel (with some new purchases I may add).

This post is going to be on the articles I have written for La Vida Magazine over the past few weeks and I did promise you a blog post tonight so please check them out I will leave the links to them below ( its highlighted in the name of each article).

1. The Sunglasses Take-Over

featured image for sunglasses

2.  Time to Suit up

featured image for suits article

3. The Bucket Hat is Back

featured image for bucket hat

4. The Lace Embrace

lace featured image

5. The Pastel Trend Report

featured image for pastels

6. S/S14 Men’s Accessories Report

Featured image mens

7. Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Thanks for…

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Build Your Outfit: Street Style

STYLE Nibbles

streetstyle Although the market for street style photographs is rather oversaturated nowadays, the staggering amount of guys who are more than deserving of their time in the spotlight (if at least for a blog) for their style is undeniable.

Navy and White Mix Yarn Cardigan, $90, Topman
Daily Heather Beanie, $18, Neff
Unstructured Woven Linen Coat, $635, APC
Needle-Narrow Jeans, $158, Levi’s
Jink Shoes, $124.99, Clarks
Striped Popover Shirt, $39.95, American Eagle Outfitters
Black Snood, $36, Topman

Original source of image unknown. Taken from Dankburps

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DTW: rag & bone



Designers: Marcus Wainwright, David Neville

Origin: New York, 2002

What makes this brand stand apart from the numerous brands today is the aesthetic; rag & bone style is a combination of contemporary, urban design with the traditional British roots of both designers. Through their focus on quality and attention to detail, Wainwright and Neville have successfully created men’s and women’s collections that highlight craftsmanship and constant innovation. Over the last 12 years, rag & bone has solidified its reputation: realistically wearable clothing that meshes classic tailoring with that edgy New York style.

In 2010, rag & bone received the industry’s most prestigious honor: being named Menswear Designers of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). (That is a HUGE deal by the way).


Most recent collections: Fall2014 RTW && Fall2014 Mens


Runway photo credit:
Information found at

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A Guide to Shorts Length

The Style Wizard

Hey Gents,

Sky’s out, thighs out! Shorts weather is coming very soon and I wanted to discuss the length of your shorts, otherwise known as the inseam. Visualize the upside down “V” created by the outline of your shorts. The inseam is the measure of the peak of the “V” to the bottom hem of your pants. The most prevalent inseams men should be wearing are 7″ and 9″ inseams.

I would advise against any shorts with a longer than 9″ inseam. 7″ is the shortest I’d personally recommend, but there are cases when it works. The 5″ inseam is a finicky beast. To tame it, you should have thighs on par with those of Greek statues depicting the jacked heroes of the “300” time period. I wouldn’t recommend it in most cases, but some people can actually pull it off.

In my opinion, shorts serve 3 purposes:

1. Utility

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