Spring Accessories: Neckerchiefs

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Spring Accessories: Neckerchiefs

Have you ever thought to yourself “Gosh, aren’t scarves just the best? but I feel like a sissy wearing one! What ever can a boy like me do?” Well ponder no longer, neckerchiefs are your perfect springtime silken accessory to add a little fashion flair to you flapping, partially-unbuttoned chambray shirts. They’re simple to style, and easy to turn your back on too. If you get self conscious, just stuff it in your pocket (or underwear) and nobody will notice (or hopefully someone will). I kid. I do not condone crotch stuffing, it’s deceitful, and let’s face it, the truth is bound to come out. Anyways, neckerchiefs give you so many fabulous options for prints and materials, from cotton to silk to silk-cashmere, or whatever else you can find. They can be the perfect alternative use for a bright pocket square, and the ultimate cheap-as-dirt thrift store find. So tie…

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Fancy florals

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We already know that florals is a massive trend for the ladies, what says summer more than a field filled with flowers? But for guys, well, florals are little bit more tricky. ‘But florals are all over the catwalk for guys’, I hear you cry, don’t fret, this trend is a really simple way of bringing your wardrobe into S/S14. Hey, if Pharrell can rock florals with a Tux, what excuse do you have?

There are three ways to wear the floral trend and the way I see it they range from safe to risky to dare devil.

1. Safe
The safe option for experimenting with florals is to invest in a shirt. On first glance this may look a bit Hawaii, but don’ worry, teamed with smart city shorts in a neutral earthy shade and a floral shirt will instantly update your office look and take you straight from office…

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It’s not me, it’s you.


There’s something immensely satisfying walking down the main street of Newtown and seeing my shoes in a store window.

Well, technically, they’re not my shoes anymore.

But of course I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that they’re mine.

Funny thing is, it hasn’t turned out to be the sex or job magnet I thought it would.

I thought it was a given that once I had designed and launched a range of shoes, that men, women and a small range of furry animals would regularly (and willingly) throw themselves on my sexual mercy.

I assumed I would be inundated with job offers, design collaboration ideas and invitations to the hottest parties in town.

I had hoped it would at least make me better looking.

Alas, none of those things have happened.

And now apparently, the owner of the store doesn’t want me standing outside pointing to the shoes and asking people…

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latest Trend! (poker-dots for men)

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Simple, classy and refined. If thats the look you are looking for then poker-dots are the way forward. keep it simple and throw in a pair of bright coloured trousers, and avoid loud accessories. Rock this trend to  parties, hangouts or outings and steal the spot-light from entry to exist. Here are some poker-dots looks to guide you and help you ROCK, poker-dot style.Personalized-shirt-men-s-polka-dot-shirt-autumn-fashionable-casual-long-sleeve-shirt-male-shirtimages.urbanoutfitters.com-is-image-UrbanOutfitters-26774133_041_b-zoomimages.bloomingdales.com-8354619_fpxHot-selling-the-trend-of-fashion-polka-dot-men-s-shirt-slim-shirt-short-sleeve-casualFashion-style-New-arrivel-2014-men-casual-long-sleeve-shirt-3011-drop-shipping-polka-dot-shirts

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Trend Alert: Bright Pants!

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Trend Alert: Bright Pants!

Have you ever gone out in a tight pair of pants and asked yourself “How can I draw more attention to my bottom half?” Well here is your answer: Bright Pants. Bright pants are perfect for any spring or summer day when you want to step out into the city and make people say “wow.” I personally have had many experiences with people shouting compliments from across the street, or even out of car windows as I strutted around in my pink, yellow, green, orange or red pants (and oddly I don’t think they were being facetious). But really, bright pants can be a great thing. They offset a simple pair of brogues nicely, and make it alright for you to wear more neutral tones on top. Let’s face it, dark pants with a bright top is so 2002. Nobody wants to look like some gaudy Italian who is stuck…

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