Paul Parkman

Why Not?

So the other day my phone started buzzing with multiple notifications of “paulparkman followed your blog” and “paulparkman liked your post” and I decided that I should probably check this guy out. “This guy” turned out to be an awesome hand-made shoe company. The more I explored their site, the more I loved their shoes.

The link to their WordPress blog is: and their website is:

All of the shoes are hand-made from what is probably some of the finest leather and materials around. And the result of all of their work, is simply beautiful., paulparkman, 2013, paulparkman, 2013

This a pair of their crocodile embossed leather tassel loafers. Now, I know what you may be thinking: “WHAT? CROCODILE LOAFERS?!” Well.. Not exactly. See, the leather upper on this shoe is made to look as though it is made of crocodile, but in reality isn’t actually made…

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