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Hi Guys,

I was going to upload a video tonight on my little (ANOTHER) beauty haul I went on today mainly for face products which I am so excited to tell you about but I will leave that for tomorrow so make sure you watch my video + my ootd on my Youtube channel (with some new purchases I may add).

This post is going to be on the articles I have written for La Vida Magazine over the past few weeks and I did promise you a blog post tonight so please check them out I will leave the links to them below ( its highlighted in the name of each article).

1. The Sunglasses Take-Over

featured image for sunglasses

2.  Time to Suit up

featured image for suits article

3. The Bucket Hat is Back

featured image for bucket hat

4. The Lace Embrace

lace featured image

5. The Pastel Trend Report

featured image for pastels

6. S/S14 Men’s Accessories Report

Featured image mens

7. Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Thanks for…

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