Fashion Forward Men! Spring & Summer 2014

Keep Up!

Who doesn’t love a well-dressed man?! I for one, find it simply irresistible to see to a man dressed to the T! This season we are seeing men step out of the “norm” and classing it up a bit.

Must haves looks for this spring and summer goes to:

With this look from Iceberg menswear, you get multiple 2014 on trend looks such as the Bomber Jacket, White Pant, and Short or Rolled Pant leg.

men fashion 4       street-etiquette-summer-photo-449x1024

The Double-Breasted Blazer is making its way back to fashion! It’s sleek giving you a great look for work and after.

men fashion 3

Pastel or neon sherbets will be key this season to keep that fresh look. Using this trend with white is a definite must.


The Staple White Suit . This is going to be a great piece to have for those great spring and summer nights!

men fashion 6

***Remember it’s not about duplicating…

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