Dreaming In White

Summers In Newport

As it usually does during any point in a season, the bug for the next season hits. It may start with a desire to be warmer (polar vortex not for you either?) or colder (remember heat waves?), but whatever it starts with it always becomes anchored by the desire to sport a piece of my wardrobe that I cannot possibly wear until the season changes. Last summer it was tweed. This winter, it’s the white buck.


Even though the white buck became something of a trend last spring and summer, the white buck has always been around and will always be around. From it’s impossibly clean exterior to pairing it with bare ankles, the white buck was made for summer. Plus it doesn’t get much easier to wear than this. Jeans? Check. Chinos? Check. Summer fabrics? Check. It goes with summer. Like the beach on a hot August day, so…

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