Blacks in Fashion

The Fashion Foot

African Americans have certainly overcome societal barriers as many dominate in an industry where a break through was hard to achieve. Now, the fashion industry is represented by African American writers, editors, photographers,  designers, and models who are all respected in their own right. Here are a few blacks who have become influential icons in the fashion industry.

Tyra Banks

tyra_bank_smiling_photoSupermodel & Entrepreneur 

Andre Leon Talley

Andre Leon TalleyFormer American Editor-in-Large for Vogue

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell-1518818Supermodel


iman-gorgeous-locks-collection-beautiful-bob-wig-d-20131022151135517~177997_2NJSupermodel & Entrepreneur

Bethann Hardison

012314-fashion-beauty-Bethann-HardisonFormer Model & Fashion industry diversity activist

Robin Givhan

Screen-Shot-2013-09-05-at-11.15.55-500x322Former fashion editor for Washington Post & First journalist to win a Pulitzer Prize for criticism in fashion

Alek Wek

alek_wek_13British Model 

Written By: Chrystl Glasgow

Photo Sources:×322.png

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