The Man Bag – to have or to hold?

The Little Black Beanie Blogger.

The “murse”, the dude pack and the lad bag have been just some of the names for the much-debated Man Bag. But why can something so simple as a man carrying a strip of fabric and a couple of handles, cause such wide spread discussion and controversy.

Why does society find it obscure that a man carries a bag, when it is just an everyday practical object? And what has happened to the male sex to develop and embrace a relationship with the bag?

But what is a man bag? It is an extension of the pocket carrying: keys, a wallet, phone and larger objects such as laptops, tablets, chargers and books. It can also carry a spare change of clothes or a gym kit.

But what are its origins? There have been many reincarnations of the man bag, but the most well known style dating back to the 17

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