I have never had much interest in fashion. When I was in my “suit” years I did attempt to stay in touch with what was “right” for the time, but I wasn’t obsessed about it.

Men’s fashion is quite simple when you come to think of it.  It’s totally the opposite of women’s where just about any parameter can be implemented, adjusted, changed or removed.  Not so with men’s fashion, I think.  While there may be changes in colors or patterns, there is usually only one thing that men’s fashion designers significantly mess with and that’s width.

Let’s look at suits, ties, shirts and belts.  What changes every few years on these articles of men’s clothing?  Mainly width.  Suits, usually the lapels, go from wide to thin and back again.  Pants go in and out in width.  Ties do the same, as do belts. Shirt collars grow and shrink, sometimes…

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