Bow tie vs skinny tie

Not Black or White

Bow-tie V.S skinny ties, both options make a statement especially now that you can wear a skinny ties in all kinds of fun knit texture color blocked and so much more.
But who can a really wear a bow-tie and not look like a waiter at a party? Besides Matt Smith , that is  (and for those of you that aren’t Whovians ..that’s not my idea. My friend asked me to stick it it when I was discussing this article with her . She ambushed me with videos of the eleventh Dr. Who uttering his catch phrase; ” Bow-ties are cool”, but he says the same about his fez, so he might not be the best authority on this.)
If you are the courageous bow-tie statement kind of guy , and you want to go purchase one , Paul Smith, Thomas Pink, and Ted Baker are great places to start…

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