Fashion Padawan: The Blazer, It’s Not Just for Church Anymore

The Daily Free Now

By Danny McCarthy, Staff Writer

I should start off by saying that I’m pretty much a blazer expert. I went to a prep school, where coat and tie was the norm and Vineyard Vines was as ubiquitous as Mystery Meat Mondays — a necessary evil. So I am well-acquainted with the navy-blue devil, sewn-up pockets and padded shoulders that could rival those on any prom dress in the ‘80s.

But I have learned to redefine the blazer, and disconnect it from those preppy days. You see, blazers aren’t just for stiff formal occasions anymore. If you pick the right fabric and cut, they can be much more versatile.

Firstly, stay away from the structured restricting styles. Go for something more casual and loose; it should feel comfortable. A common mistake is going too small on a blazer when trying to achieve a slim-cut look and ending up looking like…

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