A Request for the Menfolk

Capture Sunshine

I received a request from a friend and colleague a while back do post men’s fashion tips. To quote him, he was looking for something in between “super skinny jeans, super tight shirt (that is appropriate for 20 year old body builders who are out clubbing) or middle aged worker clothing (e.g. Brooks Brothers that is super dull and built for 50 year old men who are trying to cover 50 superfluous pounds”. I think we all understand what he’s talking about.  So here’s my first attempt at age appropriate-not-too-extreme, not-too-dull fashion for you menfolk out there.

This is a casual yet timeless outfit. I think it’s a good start.



1.  Choose a dark colored Sportcoat – that fits you well. If you are tall male, a great affordable place to find tall clothing is surprisingly JcPenney. They do carry some tall items in the store but you may…

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