Majestic Maxi Dresses

The Fashion Foot

What once was reserved for the hippies of the 70’s has evolved into a major fashion trend. Long, sophisticated, and bold; these dresses are an alternative to your average fitted mini dress. Take your wardrobe to new lengths with these attention grabbing pieces offered in a variety of choices. The long hemline can be styled for a daytime affair and multiple styles are suitable for the nightlife. A basic long sleeve maxi looks chic worn with combat boots and a scarf for a trendy fall outfit. Maxi dresses have been sported all over the red carpet by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Lauren Conrad. They add an appeal by showing just the perfect amount of skin. Keep it classic and make a statement without looking overdressed.

Tips for styling maxi dresses:

  • Achieve the perfect fit: not too baggy and not too tight!
  • Balance pattern and fit: If…

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