O.P.I. x Gwen Stefani

Cute. I like!

The Fashion Foot

Ever since the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s PUNK: From Chaos to Couture exhibit, O.P.I. got the idea to pay tribute to those in the music industry who have greatly inspired fashion. Ever since her No Doubt days, Gwen Stefani has taken her own spin on fashion, as well as made punk and grunge a mainstream look. To respectfully pay tribute to Stefani’s contributions to fashion and style, coming next year will be seven nail polishes inspired by the one and only Gwen Stefani! These nail polishes will have a brand new finish to them, which will be a semi matte satin finish. In addition, one nail polish in particular will be the most iconic out of all seven, appropriately named “Over and Over-A-Gwen” which is inspired by Stefani’s signature red lipstick.

This color will only be available in a boxed set complete with Swarvoski crystals and mini studs to give…

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