Fast-Food Fashion: What’s Up With That?!

The Fashion Foot

From French fries and hamburgers to pizza and milkshakes: the latest food revolution has traveled into the fashion scene. During my past few visits to the mall I have noticed fast fashion retailers carrying clothing featuring food motifs. In my opinion, I think this trend is extremely odd and I would never want to throw on a hamburger tee shirt and call it “fashionable”. Topshop is one retailer who is supporting these designs, in addition to Vans carrying their signature sneaker in French fries, cheeseburger and ice cream prints. What designers seem to view as Pop Art seems far from high fashion to others. Kate Spade collaborated with artists turning hot dog motifs into earrings. Even featured on the red carpet, various SS 2014 collections displayed silhouettes with fast-food motifs. So what’s your opinion on this fast-food movement? I say let’s keep fashion to fashion, and leave the junk food…

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