Animal Screened T-shirts; In or Out?

My brother loves these. They are so “in” for him.

The Fashion Foot

First animal prints exploding across every article of clothing, now animal screened shirts.  There seems to be an epidemic going on in the fashion world at the moment.  Not so sure about it.  Animal prints are always a do especially with the winter months, who doesn’t love a flash of cheetah print, it’s the perfect combination of black, tan, and brown for the darker seasons ahead.  But animal screened t-shirts are blowing up the t-shirt realm.  I’m all about owning your fashion style.  But are animal screened t-shirts all that practical in the real world?  It’s kind of frightening to see two gigantic blue eyes staring at you from a person’s chest.  They are cute at times and have an irony to them but that is where the appeal tends to end.

An animal face plastered across the front of your shirt makes a statement either you’re a crazy animal…

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