Macy’s Fall Fashion Incubator 2013: Part 1

[September 19, 2013] I had the pleasure of attending the Macy’s fall fashion show for 2013 in Philadelphia on 13th and Market St.  In addition to previewing the new fall collections for the season, I also had the opportunity to see this year’s “Macys Fashion Incubators Designers” fashions for fall 2013 and a preview of their spring 2014 pieces.

The fashion show was amazing. It started on time and everything ran in systematic order. The music was fun, and it had a range of hits from the eighties to the new age of the millennium. The overall experience was great because you could shop for great deals and or attend the show.

We were delighted to see designs from Trisha Williams (Trish Will) , Leah Delfiner (Pretty Pretty Rebel) , Annina King (Granate Poet), (Mellissa Choi + Pia Panagin, Senpai + Kohai), Devin Pauly (Gorgia Bridal)

Here are some of the fall fashion that were shown the night of:

IMG1470 IMG1471 IMG1477 IMG1478 IMG1480 IMG1482 IMG1483 IMG1497 IMG1504 IMG1508 IMG1510 IMG1511 IMG1514 IMG1518 IMG1520 IMG1521 IMG1524 IMG1528 IMG1529 IMG1530 IMG1532 IMG1533 IMG1534 IMG1535 IMG1538 IMG1540 IMG1542 IMG1545 IMG1547 IMG1548


To learn more about Philadelphia Fashion Incubators, log on to



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