Try Tribal; OOTD

The In Between Girls

My latest obsession is with tribal print. I now own 3 tribal print skirts, 2 tribal print tops and and a 2 tribe-inspired necklaces (whatever that means). If you haven’t through about it, try tribal. This outfit of the day is my new yoga pants and a t-shirt look. This OOTD is both comfortable and affordable.

People love to tell curvy, thick, fat bootylicious women to stay away from patterns because it makes us look bigger..I say F*ck it. Depending on the pattern, I actually think patterns can de-emphasize our largest parts by camouflaging it the way a herd of zebras confuse their predators..if that even makes sense.

curvy fat fashion crop top maxitribal maxi skirt curvy thick fat fashion blogtribal maxi skirttribal print maxi skirt wet seal fashionwhite black tribal maxi skirt fashion thick plus sizethe in between girl tribal skirt

P.S. I realized any t-shirt or tank top can be turned into a crop top…just tuck the under side into your bra for a bit of skin.

OOTD Detail:

Black sparkly flip flops – Wet Seal – $4

White and black tribal…

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