Gitman Bros. Vintage Fall 2013

Shayne Stephens

GBV Leopards

There’s something to be said for leveraging your storied history to gain cultural relevance, which is what veteran Pennsylvania shirt-maker Gitman Bros. has done in the past few years with its Vintage line. Drawing on the company’s 70 years of experience, Gitman Bros. prides itself on using only the best fabrics and paying an insane amount of attention to detail, which is why the construction of just one shirt takes 50 steps and 80 minutes.

GBV Dinosaurs

Now offering an updated fit for the modern gent – neither too boxy nor too slim – the shirts tend to sit well on most frames. And interestingly, these guys are leading the pack when it comes to rocking bold prints and patterns, the Fall 2013 Collection being no exception. Here’s a look at some of the the best – and bravest – the upcoming season has to offer.

GBV Blue Plaid Pin Dot

GBV Mushrooms

GBV Ladybug

GBV Plaid Colour Fleck

GBV Zebra

GBV Tiger Camo Cord

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