Dr. Marquita Williams, Creative Executive Director for Full Figured Style Week

What’s your creative vision behind an epic event such as this?

The world around us is ever evolving and that has impacted every industry including fashion.  One upon a time, the fashion industry heralded a standard of beauty that was unidimensional. Jump to present day, and we now understand that beauty, fashion and style come in all shapes, heights, complexions and sizes. Because of that, Full Figured Style Week has a chance to live. In fact it was the brain energy of Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Mr. Anthony Henderson, who approached me with the idea. Unbeknownst to him, I had been thinking about the very same concept. As a Board Member with 17…Days of Fashion, I have a front seat to all of the amazing fashion related events across those 17…days annually. After attending the Full Figured Fashion events, and knowing that the majority of American women are size 12 and up, I became inspired to work with Anthony in creating a series of inspirational and meaningful activities for men and women of size and stature.  As such, Full Figured Style Week (FFSW) is a full week of events including runway shows, health initiatives and workshops that target the voluptuous women and the big and tall men. Our goal is to provide inspiration, empowerment and confidence to individuals of size and stature. In this endeavor, all people, regardless of size are encouraged to embrace a full, meaningful and stylish existence, loving themselves courageously from the inside out.

Why did you choose this incredible leadership role?

There is a saying, “To whom much is given, much is required. I did not choose this role, actually it was chosen for me through God and fflogoAnthony Henderson. I have been a leader in many capacities, all of my life. Although I have led several initiatives across multiple industries as a CEO and Project Manager on various events, I add this opportunity to my portfolio with great pride. I count it as an honor to be at the helm of such an impacting and inspirational endeavor.  As a full figured woman myself, I know of the many challenges and triumphs connected to “living a full life” and we have components throughout the week that address those targeted areas such as: Shopping Night Out, Workshops on Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles, Discussions on Dating, Self Esteem and Emotional Wellness as well as Cocktail Parties, Mixers and Runway Events. We have been very thoughtful about the needs of men and women of size and stature and know that this is going to be a great week and the start of something BIG in Philadelphia!


Jamahal Boyd Sr. Creative Executive Director for Philadelphia Men’s Fashion Week

1) The art of Men’s Fashion is sometimes underrated, what’s your creative vision to revolutionizes Men’s fashion in the Philadelphia market? My creative vision is centered around a “Death to Fashion, Birth to Style” approach.  The focus being on educating the market on their “personal” sense of style vs. the conformity towards what the fashion industry dictates as what’s in, the trend and/or what may or may not reflect one’s individuality.  Style is unique, individual and personal.  Often going against the “fashion rules”.  The goal is to put Philly Fashion on the map as being one of the leaders in the country as it relates to Style.
2) What are some highlights that we can look forward too? Highlights to look forward to are: Innovation related to looks that change the way we look at Men’s Style; Education related to the 5 Foundational Looks that every Man (and Woman) should have in their closet to be prepared for any occasion!; Finally, looking to display a range of physiques, body shapes and budgets to give a full scale view that being stylish is something that each of us can achieve no matter the size or budget.

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