Giving Back Through Style And Charity! (Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson) Interview Part 1


Anthony Henderson is a fashion extraordinaire who has revolutionized fashion in Philadelphia, Pa. He has taken a passion, and has successfully made it a career that has touched the lives of many through mentor-ship, hard work and charity. Anthony is a fashion journalist, stylist, host, founder and creative director for 17…Days of Fashion. Henderson attributes his success to God, family and friends. His personal belief is, “Style is every day, and fashion is for a lifetime.”

Just to name a few of Anthony’s accomplishments; Anthony is a fashion correspondent for Philadelphia Daily News, and has dressed many celebrity personalities; Morris Chestnut (actor), Samantha Marq (SC Johnson heiress), Wood Harris (actor, from The Wire), , Esther Rolle (actress), Eve (Grammy Award winning rapper and actress), Rick Williams (news anchor), Sherri Sheppard (actress, Co-host of “The View”), Trinitee 5:7 (Gospel Music Group), Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan’s daughter), and Liz Jones (from VH1 Candy Girls).

You can also catch Anthony in the recent summer 2013 issue of Swerve (Culture and Community). Anthony also has a video blog show called “The StrongHenney Show”. This is a web-based talk show that covers various topics from pop culture to politics, education and entertainment.

When Anthony is not producing or handling any of his major projects, he’s assisting others in producing fashion shows, consulting, conducting workshops and training sessions, and speaking to the youth who are interested in working in the fashion industry.

Here with me today, we have the wonderful Anthony for an interview to talk about what he’s doing with 17…Days of Fashion and future projects.

Bold N Trendy (BNT)
Anthony Henderson (AH)

1. If you can describe yourself in three words, what would they be? BNT

“Accomplished. Helpful. Refreshed.” – AH

2. I learned that you are from Philadelphia, what part? BNT

“I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I’m from Germantown. Philadelphia is my home, and I love it. Even though I reside in L.A now, I still have a passion for Philadelphia, and I love it. When I was growing up, it was called “British Germantown” because of the cobblestone streets.” –AH

3. When were you first exposed to fashion, and then learned you had the fashion bug? BNT

“It’s so funny. I went to school for criminal justice law enforcement. But when I completed high school, I asked myself, “What is it that I want to do?” I knew that I wanted to go to college, so I attended Pierce for a little while. Then, I received a call or should I say, a “knock at the door” where I got introduced to the entertainment world through a producer from Urban Expressions, which is a local cable television station.”

“I was actually born and raised in fashion. My mother looked liked a fashionista. When we traveled by train or plane, I was always in a five piece suit. I don’t know if you remember, but back in the day, you used to dress up to travel. So I was introduced to fashion then. Also, I remember going to church dressed in a different suit for each service, and there was three services on a Sunday. Also, I used to watch my mother, as I grew up, getting dressing for work. I just kind of fell into it from there.” – AH

4. I see that 17…Days of Fashion has been so successful for you and this community. Where do you see this event five to ten years from now? BNT

“From five to ten years from now, I definitely see it traveling to where we have it in ATL, LA and abroad. We have grown tremendously in the last three years going on four. I am so happy and elated to give back to the Philadelphia community, especially since Philadelphia is where I got my start. I just had to start 17…Days of Fashion in Philly. We believe in the three “C’s” which is: Community, Charity and Couture.”


“I remember when I was the underdog, and someone gave me a chance. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I always reach back out into the Philadelphia communities to help through charity and fashion to bring awareness to wherever the need is. I’ve seen such tremendous growth through the support of the Philadelphia fashion community.” – AH

5. What are some of the highlights that people can expect this year? For those who have never attended any of the 17…Days of Fashion events, what do you hope they take from it? BNT

“What I expect people to take from 17…Days of Fashion is a group of hungry (passionate and eager) people in the fashion community. These are people who want to express their artistic views through fashion. It also gives people a link to many communities through charity and awareness. Believe it or not, we have some events that are good this year. We have shows planned, accessory and beauty social gathering. The average person can learn how to keep a good skin regimen. They will also learn how to buy and apply specific make up for their skin tones. There will be a lot of designer, entrepreneurs, celebrities and future leaders.” – AH

6. There is a charity called “Evening of Pearl”, can you discuss how it benefits the Career Wardrobe Organization. BNT

“The Evening of Pearl is an annual private event that I have for the holiday season around Christmas time. This is an idea of mine that originated back in the day. It was organized for people to donate their capital and professional work clothing for a local charity called Career Wardrobe. This charity mentors and helps people who can’t afford to buy work clothes. It also shows them great dressing skills and how to be presentable at work.” – AH

“This particular event was planned for groups of people that come to together to help out and give back to the community. That is why it’s called the Evening of Pearl. I have not done this is a while, but the Evening of Pearl is planned for later this year during the holiday season for 2013. It’s just a group of people that come to together to help out and give back to the community. That is why it’s called the “Evening of Pearl.”AH

7. Have you ever thought about doing reality television? Philadelphia is a Mecca city that has so much to offer. I believe that you are a shinning start with positivite energy, and that needs to be shared nationwide and publicly. BNT

“If I were to do a reality show, I want to showcase is that of preparing 17…Days of Fashion, and also the days in the life of stylist. Everything is not always glitz and glam when you’re a stylist. It’s not like Rachael Zoe where the stylist is wonderfully dressed, and its breeze to service the client. There is hard work involved with pulling clothes, transporting them and making sure your client is happy with your choices.” – AH

8. I know that you’re working on a series of new events for the Philadelphia Consortium. For those who don’t know what that is, can you explain? BNT

“I started a holding company called the Philadelphia Fashion Consortium. The Philadelphia Fashion Consortium consists of entities that I have going on in Philadelphia. Every quarter, there will be a different fashion event. There is 17… Days of Fashion for the summer. For fall of 2014, we will have Full Figured Style Week, which is redefining full figured style. This is for full figure women, big and tall men. To help me with this is DR. Marquita Williams, executive director of Full Figured Style Week. This will help with young boys and girls who have self esteem issue in elementary school. And then we are also going to have Philadelphia’s Men’s Fashion Week. To assist with this program is Jamahal C. Boyd Sr., Executive Director of Philadelphia Men’s Fashion Week. We are going to have a series of events during the week. There will be few fashion shows. And then we will go into group homes, and teach men how to dress, and what to wear for work. And then last but not least, we are going to have a fundraiser in the winter time called “One Night Only”. This is a spin-off of “17…Days a Fashion” to help raise money for that event. So we’ll have (Full Figured Fashion Week) during the fall time, (One Night Only) during the winter time, (Men’s Fashion Week) during the spring, and (17…Days of Fashion) during the summer.” – AH

9. Can we be expecting a clothing line in the near future by Anthony Henderson? BNT

“As fashion stylist, you always get exposed to different things and come up with creative ideas. At this time, I’m not going to say “no”, but I’m not going to say “yes”.” I can give you a scoop. I’m might be coming out with an eyewear. A lot of times when I take pictures, whether it’s on red carpet, indoors and outdoors, I always have on a pair of glasses. With that being said, you never know.” – AH

10. I know that you are a fashion stylist to the stars, but can you tell use a little bit about your style?
My style is comfortable, luxury, chic. Being comfortable is very important to me. I love luxury, and I need to chic. It’s a combination of eclectic, high-end clothing. – AH

If you want to learn more about 17…Days of Fashion, please log onto and Lastly, if you would like to check out the StrongHenney Show, log onto

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