Floral Skirt

I love the mint a shoes and floral skirt.


Sales are my favorite time of the year, and this time I found this gorgeous skirt wandering through the racks on ZARA. I couldn’t resist the structure on the ruffles and the thick fabric.

I wore this for a saturday relaxed plan and loved the fact that I felt really fresh throughout the day, considering Monterrey has been burning up in flames latelly, that’s my way of saying it’s been hot as hell.

Did you found something you loved during the sales? Make sure to share it with us with the hashtag #calluswhateverblog.

Have a great sunday!


Las ofertas son mi parte favorita del año, y ésta vez encontré ésta hermosa falda cuando paseaba por los estantes de ZARA. No me pude resistir a su estructura con los olanes y la tela tan gruesa. 

Usé esto para un sábado con plan tranquilo y me encantó lo fresca que me…

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