White Sensation

The Fashion Medley


I have to admit it gets pretty addictive to wear white after the wedding day. But since I hate the girly princess look, I added my chunky fisherman’s knit sweater, my huge bag and my wooden wedges.

Another white we are going crazy about these days is the ‘white sea’, which is known as the Mediterranean Sea to the rest of the world – but apparently our jocose dictator now wants to call it the white sea / doing an exact translation from Turkish to English at the opening ceremony of the Mediterranean Games. Sounds like a joke, right? That’s our lives right now, we are laughing at our own pitifulness. Maybe we’ll fail because we are having too much fun, or maybe this sarcasm will save us at the end. I can’t imagine handling all these brutality without any humour. After all, laughter is the best medicine. #occupyturkey

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