Vs2R Fall 2013 Collection


CM Capture 5
Black patent leather and pewter bootie with geometric heel
CM Capture 4
Brown leather and beige wedge
CM Capture 2
Blue and ivory patent leather sandal
CM Capture 1
Black suede and taupe patent leather bootie

Wild geometric designs are combined with premium craftsmanship to create a beautiful collection for Fall. Mr. Somarrelli’s time in the industry has been short but he has made an impact with his fashion forward shoes.

Leather was mostly used last Spring but Vincenzo has expanded into using suede and patent leather.  Even though these changes has been made the unique stiletto and wedge heels are carryovers from Spring 2013. This is a great and seductive collection for 2013 Fall.

Selvaggidisegnigeometricisonocombinaticonmaestriapremiumpercreareunabellacollezioneperl’autunno. TempodiMrSomarrellinell’industriaèstatobreve, mahafattounimpattoconlescarpe di modaavanti.
Pelleè statoprincipalmenteutilizzatoscorsaprimavera

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