Neverending Cannes

The Fashion Medley

Milla Jovovich in Chanel Couture

Jessica Biel in Marchesa

Carey Mulligan in Vionnet

Is it going to end, ever? Does Cannes Film Festival always last this long or they made some sort of fete this year just for the red carpet? I’m not kicking up a stink though; it’s appealing to my soft couture spot, giving a me a new post opportunity and my only complaint is I can not figure out who I love the most. First world problems…

BTW I’ve decided that Olga Sorokina is my favourite new celebrity – and I’ve found out that I don’t like Marion Cotillard as much (as I did before) because of her constant “I doesn’t even want to be here and I hate you all you poor bitches” look. And I’m so sick of her and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior – ALL THE TIME! I know you have a contract with…

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